December 2013: Sam’s trip back to South Sudan Cut Short…

Sam was unable to reach Rumbek in his third visits over December 2013 due to the hostilities brought by political differences that turned into a military confrontation. Fighting broke out in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, on 15 December 2013 and quickly spread to other parts of the country and  affected  Bor, Bentiu, Juba and Malakal were the most heavily hit areas.

Most civilians have been displaced by the escalation of the fights and some sought refuge in Lakes State which now seeks humanitarian support to the displaced civilians. The civilians lack shelter, food and non-food items. Most of the displaced persons include the women, old age group and children.

The IGAD intervened to broker peaceful talks between the two warring parties. It a crucial step which is expected to ease the tension in the world’s youngest nation. The cessation of hostilities has been a key demand by the regional and world leaders to resolve the conflict.

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