Project Information

Sam’s  Mission is to build a community school based on the following objectives:

  • A Fair Go – opportunities & access for all, girls & boys
  • To build a child-friendly learning environment
  • On-going link between Australia & South Sudan
  • Help unlock the potential of the children of South Sudan
  • Encourage the growth of civil society
  • Contribute to a self-reliant nation

Location of the school

The Kuei community donated land at Wunabye, an area of Rumbek that badly needs a school. This land has been registered in the school’s name.

Our Partner – the Diocese of Rumbek

During 2015 we established a partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek.

We reached agreement in principle with Fr John Mathiang Machol and the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek to partner with us in this project. Once built our school will be a satellite school to the larger Comboni  Primary School located in central Rumbek and run by the Diocese. The Catholic Church is the most respected provider of primary education in Rumbek. The Committee believes that they are best placed to run the school.

Stage One

Building of the first stage of the school infrastructure will comprise a water point (bore with hand pump), toilets, four classrooms and a teachers’ room.  Local labour and materials will be used where possible. The structure will be similar to that pictured below:


The Diocese has contracted with a local builder to commence work this Dry Season.

Stage Two

After a year of 4 functional classrooms, our aim is to build 4 more classrooms to make a total of 8 classrooms – a full school. A library will be added depending on the costing to build, as well as equipping it with books and all other facilities.


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