2015 in Review

Much of 2015 was taken up with a search for the best local partner & to ensure that building could commence safely given the civil disruption happening in other parts of South Sudan. Two members of the committee visited Rumbek later in the year to satisfy themselves that we had good local partners & that it was safe to proceed with stage 1.



We reached agreement in principle with the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek to partner with us in this project. Once built our school will be a satellite school to the larger ComboniĀ  Primary School located in central Rumbek and run by the Diocese. The Catholic Church is the most respected provider of primary education in Rumbek. The Committee believes that they are best placed to run the school.


During our visits we met the recommended local building contractor and were able to visit another village school built by them for the church.


Our current aim is to build the first stage during 2016 and to commence some classes later this year. To this end the Diocese has contracted with a local builder to build the first stage of the project & is awaiting transfer of funds to commence work. The contract price is modest given earlier quotes received when we sought quotes without the involvement of the church. The bore is needed first so that on site construction can commence.