Samuel Manhom, one of the Lost Boys of South Sudan, came to Australia after 12 years in a Kenyan refugee camp.

Inspired by the education he received in Melbourne and the support of Rotary International, Sam wanted to build a community primary school in his former hometown of Rumbek.

South Sudan is one of the newest & poorest countries on the planet. Years of neglect by Khartoum and 20 years of civil war have left a legacy of disrupted social & educational institutions. The new nation faces a huge challenge to build up educational infrastructure.

Sam’s mission is to build a village primary school that will encourage the growth of civil society and contribute towards the building of a new self reliant South Sudan.

The local community granted the land, building plans were drawn and the Lakes State government promised to provide support. During 2015 we established a partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek who will provide teachers and operate the school. Then we had to build a school!

The Rotary Club of Manningham very generously kick-started fund raising. Since then we have received support from all over Melbourne.

In 2017 we completed construction of Stage 1 of the project – four classrooms, a well and latrines for teachers & students. Classes are expected to commence soon.

Your help is still needed to help establish and equip the new school.

To help us realise Sam’s dream follow this link:


F77731 Samuel Manhom - is inducted as Honorary Member of Rotary Club of Manningham - (our ambassador for the Rumbek primary school project [South Sudan ]) Rotary 26Nov 20121

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  1. I’m very happy about this project as it is one of the excellent ideas to build a school in those rural areas where education is very limited. Because South Sudan needs education more than ever I will pray and support this project, and I give thanks to the sponsors of this project and Samuel who came up with this idea.

    • Thanks to you Maria…..your happiness for educational project to our people is recognised and your prayers will help.

      Education will empower the current generation, the next generations to find solutions for challenges facing them and the world………..Through education we will find doctors, engineers, teachers & list goes on…

      We want Education..

      Samuel Manhom

  2. There is nothing less than inspiring what one person like Sam can do for many… As individual ones we can also help…..please support Sam with your Donation to the Rotary club of Manningham.. we need to finf over $30,000 to build the school cheers David R 0402032001

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